What is the full form of BSF

BSF: Border Security Force

BSF stands for Border Security Force. It is a paramilitary force of India. Its main duty is guarding India? land border during peace and prevent the transnational crime. At present, it is the world?s largest border guarding force.


  • Every year, it contributes a number of BSF personnel for the UN Mission services.
  • For the last two year, the BSF is taking care of the internal security in Manipur and successfully fighting the insurgency.
  • When the earthquake hit the Gujarat in 2001, the BSF personnel were the first to reach there to help the distressed people and save lives.
  • BSF has emerged as an elite force of the country. It excelled with distinction in the 1971 war with Pakistan. Its ethos is “Any task, anytime, anywhere” and its motto is “Duty Unto Death”.
  • During Kargil War in May-July 1999, the BSF helped Army to defend the Kargil hills and won the war.

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